Nude photography workshop in Bucharest

In the June 27-28 there will be Yan McLine nude photography workshop that will take place in Bucharest. 2 days of shooting in the interiors of the hotel. Charming models and nude-provocation will give you the opportunity to make great shots and understand the specifics and the psychology of a nude photography. I’ll show you how to make contact with the model and how to make the perfect statement of the frame, how to work with a constant (halogen) light.

Nude photography workshop

The cost of 2 days workshop is 150 Euros. One day participation costs 80 Euros. Places are limited. There will be a translator working on the workshops.

Nude photography workshop

Outbound workshop renowned photographer Yan McLine in Bucharest! Commercial „beauty” and „nude” photo shooting

Nude photography workshop

His works are recognizable around the world, they are published in journals and they win the photo contests, they are being copied and imitated.

Nude photography workshop

Unique and the author’s approach of teaching has helped hundreds of young authors in their formation, in creation of interesting photos and their own style. Workshops and photo tours of the author are very popular because of the approach and the atmosphere of immersion in the creative process.


The workshop will be held in the interesting interiors with constant halogen light sources, which makes the possibility for the participants to make shots during the whole process. Theory and a lot of practical exercises will help you understand the specifics of structuring photographic survey, will open up the new ways of working with the model and establishing contact with her. The program of the workshop: – Work with light – Work with the model from the portrait to the nude (and the psychological tactics) – Structuring photographic survey and working with postures – The creation of mood and the frame plastics (how to make shots without a flaw) – The possibility of using any space, from limited to spacious, and the role of the space in photography – Analysis of the footage – Commercial use of photos. Every day for 5-6 hours

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